Why You Should Choose Renewable Heating Systems to Heat Your Water

Sustainable energy is fast becoming the way of the future as people are turning towards a greener lifestyle and embracing renewable energy sources. Everyone is quickly realizing the importance of going green. Save money on high bills by using a heater that utilizes sustainable energy when heating water. A solar geyser is a commonly used sustainable water heater. Heating water uses more water than you realize in fact your bill can account for as much as half of your electricity bill. Another sustainable option that you could consider is a water heater that uses a heat pump in order to raise the temperature of the water. The most significant difference between the 2 is that the one uses the sun’s energy in order to power it and the other one harnesses its power from the air.

Why You Should Consider Sustainable Energy Solutions

Dubai, in particular, is moving toward a sustainable energy strategy solution that plans to transform the UAE into a green economy over the next 3 decades. The quickest way to save big time on your electricity bill is to replace your current water heater with one of the renewable energy water heaters Dubai that have been developed specially to save energy. Solar power water heaters and those that are powered by a heat-powered pump.

Renewable Energy Water Heaters Dubai

Heat Pump Water Heater

While a heat pump water heater may initially cost you more money, there are many advantages that might make you choose this option over the option of the solar panel. Solar panels need to be set up in a certain way and to operate, they need to be pointed in the direction of the sun. If there is no sunshine, your solar-powered water heater will convert back to heating your water using electricity, contributing greatly to your electricity bill.

Solar Power Heating Solutions

The two key mechanisms used by solar water heaters are the method of direct circulation and the system of indirect circulation. The Direct system is perfect for warmer areas as it circulates, heats and delivers your household water back to you when you need hot water. By passing fluid via solar power, the indirect system functions by passing through an exchanging heat unit. That choice is popular in places with lots of snow and hail and temperatures dropping below the freezing point.

Renewable Energy Water Heaters UAE

Solar Power or Heat Pumps?

Lookout for a water heater in Dubai that fits into your budget by comparing the advantages of each type of deciding which fits your family’s needs the best. A solar-powered water heater will be easier to install and cost you a lot less upfront. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend then this solution is by far the cheaper option, it will also last a lot longer than a heat pump water heater.

How the Thermosyphon System Works

The Thermosyphon principle is to use a sustainable energy source to heat water. This principle uses water that it collects. Hot air rises, and so does heated Liquid. For this clever design to function at its optimal level the storage container needs to be placed above the collectors. Hot water will rise into the tank and be collected there. The colder water, as a result, should dropdown. This is known as a passive system.