Types of Heavy Lifting Equipment and How to Pick the Ideal One

Firstly, you must know what equipment you will need for your tasks to be carried out. There is some equipment that are used in almost all the construction sites or warehouses. We suggest you contact the lifting equipment company in UAE. Also, following are the most common lifting equipment available in UAE.


A crane could be described as a beam with a hook at the end lifts and moves goods. it comes in different sizes and heights, which is one of the reasons why the crane is so common and versatile. It is unarguably one of the most crucial heavy lifting equipment.

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A forklift is another commonly used lifting machine. It has two protrusions below that help lift up goods and carry them over to another spot. It is mainly used in warehouses to move packages.

Vacuum Lifts

Vacuum lifts, as the name suggests, use high pressure vacuum to stick to the goods and lift them. They are used for heavy containers or glass panels, etc. Before you start looking for equipment, make a list of what equipment you will need, how much of it and the attachments that will be necessary for their functions at your site.

Below is the list of factors that you should keep in mind when you are purchasing heavy lifting equipment.

The Environment

You should know what the average temperature of the construction site is. Changes will have to be to the equipment you already have according to the temperature you are working in. We suggest you contact the company and make sure that their equipment is suitable for the kind of environment you are working in.

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Load Weight

The lifting equipment you select depends on what goods it will have to carry on the site. Know what the load weight limit is; the maximum weight your equipment can handle and check if it matches with your requirements.


When purchasing lifting equipment, keep in mind that their durability is important. Make sure your equipment is of the best possible quality and has a warranty. Choose equipment that isn’t hard to maintain.

Spare Parts

Choose a company of lifting equipment that produces spare parts so that you don’t have to worry about replacing parts of the machinery during regular maintenance check-ups.

These were some of the pointers we thought you should remember while shopping for lifting equipment. To start your search for high quality lifting equipment, refer to a good site.

Source: alfarisgroup.com