Factors to Consider When Buying A Car Battery

It is not necessary that the car battery that your friend recently purchased will be a good fit for your car. Car batteries come in different sizes and capacities. A car battery that is good for a hatchback may not be suitable for an SUV. Besides, there are budgetary issues and you must know the amount of maintenance required when purchasing a car battery. This is why you know the important factors, so you can choose the best car battery for sale in Dubai for your car.

Size of The Battery

By this, we mean the physical dimensions of the car battery. This is important because different cars have different sized battery trays. You must know what size will fit perfectly in your car’s tray. If you buy a bigger battery, it won’t simply fit it. If you buy a smaller battery, it might be loose, and you run the possibility of damaging the battery because of jerks while driving.

Battery for Sale in Dubai

Battery Age

Always prefer new batteries over old batteries. Look for the manufacturer’s label on the battery’s body. The label will show a letter and a number that indicates the month and year of manufacture of the battery. Always go for a battery that has been manufactured less than 6 months ago.

Amount of Power Required

If you are living in a colder region, go for a battery with higher Cold Cranking Amps, also known as CCA. CA or Cranking Amps is a measure of the amount of energy that is needed to start the engine. You can ask your car battery dealer to help you understand the CCA of the car batteries.

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Amount of Maintenance Required

Batteries come in two types. There are sealed car batteries available in the market. They do not require maintenance. However, there is still a limited battery life. The unsealed car batteries will require you to add distilled water, much like you do with home inverters.


If you do not want to run around for repairs every now and then, you must consider buying a car battery that offers a longer warranty period. Car batteries are prone to damage, no matter how much care you take. A lot of brands offer free replacement.