Do This in The First Ten Minutes of Your Car Rental >

If you have finally rented a car and have reached to pick up your rental car model, don’t be in a hurry. Do not sign forms without reading them and grab the keys and dash to the road. Some items in the car need to be checked before you hit the road. While there are several rent a car companies in Karama Dubai, it is vital to search for the ideal car rental agency. Follow these tips once you’ve found a reliable car rental company.

Check for Any Scratches

It is only right to survey the vehicle and check for any scratches and dents that were there before you rented it. Point them out to the rental car agent and click a photo or two if necessary. His way you won’t get charged for them upon return.

Rent a Car Companies in Karama Dubai

Start the Car

Start the car beforehand. This is because you would want to give it a warmup before hitting the road. This is also done to ensure that the car’s engine is running smoothly without any fault. 

Turn on Air Conditioning

After starting the engine for a few moments, turn on the air conditioning and check if the controls and functioning properly. This will also let the car cool down or heat up to your preference before you hit the road. Turn on the air conditioning and go ahead with checking the car.

Rent a Car Companies in Karama UAE

Switch on The Navigation

If the car comes with a navigation guide, turn it on and get the hang of how it operates. If not set up the GPS on your phone to your first destination. It may be hard to get around in a city you don’t know. Try not to operate the navigation while driving or you’ll actually add to the already their scratches on the car. It is often confusing to get back on the road after renting a car at the agency. So, you need to have a navigation set up beforehand. 

Fix the Mirrors

Jump into the driver’s seat and quickly get the rear-view mirror and side view mirrors fixed according to your preference. Ask the help of your friend if you’re travelling with someone. It is imperative that you do this right there instead of in the middle of traffic. 

These were some of the things you need to go through before taking the car out of the car rental agency. This will give you a better overall experience and avoid any mishaps.