Why Electric Smoking is Better Than Traditional Cigarettes?

A cigarette pack costs around 7 dollars while an e-cigarette like the myle vape price is about 12 dollars. Most smokers opt to choose cigarettes thinking they are cheaper. However, that’s not the case, considering the health hazards that result from smoking. Smoking dates back to 2000 years ago. Since the 1950s, several medical reports have proved that smoking causes various illnesses. Despite these findings, many people continue to smoke. In the UAE, 2,900 people die each year due to tobacco-related complications. In an effort to reduce the health hazards of smoking, the UAE government legalized the use of e-cigarettes, which have been proven to be safer.


E-Cigarettes In UAE

Vapes have increasingly gained popularity in the UAE, and it’s estimated to become even more popular by 2024. This can be attributed to:

Variety Of Flavors

Unlike traditional cigarettes, vapes come in various flavors for you to choose from. Popular flavors include caramel, coffee, strawberry, mint, mango, and even peach.


Control Over Nicotine Levels

Every vape has one thing in common - a nicotine level label. This label explains the amount of nicotine in the e-juice, which can range from 3g to 6g. The exciting thing about e-cigarettes is that the user gets to choose the amount of nicotine they want in their vape. One can even choose a nicotine-free e-cigarette!


Low Amount Of Toxins

Research shows that cigarettes contain 7,000 toxic compounds. These chemicals have been proven to cause damage to the lungs and throat. Even though e-cigarettes contain toxins, the amounts are much less. The percentage of the toxins can also be controlled and regulated, which is not the case for traditional cigarettes.

No Noxious Odor

Smoking leaves one with the smell of burnt tobacco, which can be unpleasant to most people. The greatest advantage of vaping is that it leaves you with the aroma of the flavor you've used.


Immediate Gratification

Taking a hit is simple, all that is required is a press of a button and for some, puffing on the device is enough to turn it on. Though vapes require battery charging and e-liquid refill, an average vape can last up to a day.


Bottom Line

There is no doubt that the advantages of e-cigarettes outweigh those of traditional cigarettes. Therefore, if you are planning to quit smoking and turn to vaping or simply want to start vaping, you are making the right choice.