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Rent a Car from Dubai Airport

You may be travelling for business purposes or leisure, the idea of having your ride waiting for you as soon as you step out of your airplane immediately takes of the burden from your shoulder. If your flight just landed, and you need to rent a car from Dubai airport terminal 1, simply make an online booking on the spot and continue driving towards your destination. Not just this, you get to enjoy some great advantages to pre-booking a rental car before your arrival in Dubai. So, no more looking for taxis and waiting for your arrangement to reach your destination.

Why book online? Online rental car bookings come with a lot of benefits, read along to find out all about it.

Customized Service Plan

Just like every client is different, their car rental is different too. Thus, car rental agents work to best suit your needs and come up with agreements that match your requirements, deliver and pick up timings and other relevant rental solutions. You may, in some cases, be assigned a dedicated employee to provide you fast and convenient service. Frequent business travelers are given loyalty points (if facility available with your service provider) which they can use in terms of fueling or upgrading their required car. Make sure to inquire about this with your car rental agent at the time of booking.

Rent a Car from UAE Airport

Big Savings on Travel Expense

When you travel overseas, it is always wise to look for cheaper rental car options (if you have a valid driving license that is accepted in the UAE) rather than relying on public transports to commute. Pricing factors to come into consideration here, but the ease and comfort to carry your luggage or travelling with kids is far more satisfactory when you have a vehicle solely at your discretion.

Time Flexibility

Car rental service providers normally keep in mind their customers’ preferences and plan of visit. Some may even offer a 24/7 booking service, so you don’t have to wait until the next working day. Your car rental arrangements are done online at car rental and confirmed within minutes to cut down your wait time on the airport. The traffic jams can be rather annoying when you’ve just landed from a long flight, make sure to inform your agent regarding any unexpected delays or early arrivals of your flight so he has a margin of covering up the timings for you and be there to drop your car on-time.